Take Me Home, Country Road

Allis State Park, Vermont, from the Fire Tower, sunny day

Wheels crunching gravel,
we ventured off paved roads
to find our hearts beat
in the wild places
where sunlight beckons in a
shining road to the sky.
Trees tower over us
making us feel like children,
small seeds adrift in the wind.
We climb a fire tower,
steps clanging,
gripping the metal rails
as if one stiff wind would
blow us over the edge.
At the top, a blue and green
tapestry, free of humans,
makes us feel more human
than ever before, small,
uncertain and alive.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This photo was taken from the top of the Allis State Park’s fire tower in Vermont. We went to Allis twice. The first time, we got soaked and here was the view:


Allis State Park, Vermont, from the Fire Tower, rainy day

Those gray streaks are rain. It was coming down in sheets. Climbing the tower in the rain made my heart beat harder than on the sunny day — slippery steps, umbrella in one hand, cold raindrops flattening my hair. We were in our own world, separated from everything we knew, by fog and rain. We had to go back on a sunny day.

Re: the title, I’ve been hearing this song in pubs and on movies lately. As a child, I walked the creeks and mountains of the West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. I left bits of my heart there. Being in the Vermont Mountains reminds me.

48 thoughts on “Take Me Home, Country Road

  1. Oh, what a beautiful scene Brenda, so great that you got to capture it again – love those clouds too!! 😀 I’ve had disappointments like that at times, you’ve got to back again to capture it on a better day when it’s something as beautiful as that. I only know the The Blue Ridge Mountains from the tv series The Waltons. It always looked really beautiful even on a tv programme. 🙂

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    • The Waltons… if only life were like that. These particular Mountains are the White Mountains of VT, but I suspect they are really part of the greater Blue Ridge range of Appalachia. Every state calls them something different. Vermont gets a lot of snow, thus the name. They are really beautiful, in a soul-healing way. A good place for poets.

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  2. Love the poem, love the picture! Climbing towers and hiking/trekking is best experienced in monsoons, isn’t it? In fact, I hate getting drenched..yet I have fondest memories of trekking and hiking in the rains!
    More human than ever before – small, uncertain, alive —-such brilliant phrasing! Loved it! 🙂

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