Holiday Brunch

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Happy Memorial Day! I recently attended a poetry breakfast at Jama’s Alphabet Soup. In honor of Jama, this morning my daughter and I wrote poems to our coffee cake.

Coffee Cake
by Anna (aged 7)

Coffee cake, coffee cake,
How delicious can you be?
Beautiful and pretty, too,
I can’t stop,
I need coffee cake from you!

Coffee Cake
by Brenda (old enough to know better)

Taken with tea,
you’re for me.
A slice or nine,
makes my face shine,
like a child going wild,
for a taste.

Have a wonderful weekend!

36 thoughts on “Holiday Brunch

  1. Ah yes, cake….my favourite with tea! 😀 I love the amusement and the fact that you are old enough to know better! 😉 I’m just brewing a tea right now, but am all out of cake…you’ve made me hungry. I’m going to have to pretend my digestive biscuits are coffee cake!! I remember my friend (originally from the US) explaining to me that coffee cake in America is not a coffee flavoured cake, but cake you enjoy with coffee – that was news to me! In England, if you ask for coffee cake in a café that might be exactly what you get, coffee flavoured iced cake!

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  2. OMG! drool drool nom nom nom!! What fetching poems! What a beautiful cake!! My life is complete. Thank you Anna Cat and Brenda :). You are, of course, the cat’s meow. . . did you save a piece for me?

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