Julie has illustrated the writing journey I am on myself with such beauty and precision (and a FAIRY!) that I asked most humbly to reblog and she agreed. YAY! Have a magical day!

Peacock Prairie

This morning in the vegetable garden, under a canopy of brilliant blue, surrounded by a chorus of jenny wrens, bluebirds, and song sparrows, I planted miracles. As I dropped the tiny, almost imperceptible, seeds into the soil, I was confident they would eventually transform, by some mysterious miracle, into crunchy lettuce.

Many of you think I live a Tasha Tudor life. You imagine me tucked away in paradise, snapping photographs, or writing, amidst birdsong . . .


and blooms.


And in many ways, you are right. On a good day, that is just what I do.


But there is much about writing that goes unseen. When I began pursuing publication, I assumed my experience entertaining children through my hobby, marionette theater, would quickly guarantee my success.

0001MB A few of my handmade marionettes– proof of my creativity.

3+ years and 41!! rejections later, I know better.

Writing is not for the weak of heart…

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16 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. I will go visit and tell Julie that I adore the marionette. I will mention I like how she chose a charming dress with apron and a crow on her shoulder. They are so well made and beautiful! Thanks for reblogging her post and sharing this sweet Serenity post. She does seem to have a little bit of Tasha’s life! 🙂 (I have always admired Tasha Tudor’s illustrations. . .

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  2. I have a faerie tattooed over my ankle, a male unicorn on my back left shoulder and a little jumping unicorn over my heart. So writing and magic and life are all in my circle, too!

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