Writer’s Bog

Pond with algae, bare trees and a lonely evergreen

For all of us writers blogging, slogging and bogging down in the publishing labyrinth, I decided to publish my tips and shortcuts. My bookmarking system had started to feel like the snake pit from Raiders of the Lost Ark. This organizes and sets out part of my writing journey, including some books on writing I love. Feel free to leave me some of your favorite sites or books.

Tip of the Day: When I know a paragraph is duller than untoasted white bread, I look at my links for sensory words or my own ABCs of Fairy Tales for some sugar and spice.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This is a new category of posting for me. I view myself as a beginner writer, despite having been published first in high school and despite years of blogging. Hearing Kami Garcia speak at a SCBWI conference and reading Big Magic made me realize that every writer starting a new book or project feels like a beginner. That’s the magic of writing. It’s always new and challenging. I decided to share my journey, despite feeling like I’m only a few footsteps down the path. If you’re as bogged down as I am, maybe we can help each other.

35 thoughts on “Writer’s Bog

  1. That’s a great idea Brenda, thanks so much for sharing your ideas and inspirations and places of help! I bookmarked PhotoPin, I’ve not heard of that before, I think it will be very helpful if I get stuck for an image, especially for the magazine. I have a long list of some very good creative commons image sites plus video and music too. If you would be interested in finding more I can give you links to them in a Twitter message if you like? Interesting an image I selected, I eventually found it on Flickr under creative commons, so it’s very accurate. In the last few weeks I uploaded a collection of my recent photography to Flickr and set most of those pictures to a creative commons licence too, might as well, I’m not planing on selling any of it, and I’ve borrowed a lot of images over the years myself. I guess in time some of my pictures could end up in the PhotoPin lists. That was a very timely find!

    I’ve been thinking of creating something similar on my additional pages, but just haven’t found the time to do it yet. Time…time…so little of it…so annoying! I’ll get there in the end! 😀

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    • Sure, send me a twitter link, and I’ll try to put it up on my page. I’m glad you found my Writing Tips useful. I’d forgotten what most of my bookmarks were, and it was taking forever to scroll through. It helps having it in one place, organized by the stage of progress. I only use my own images or with permission of someone, but I know lots of people use those sites, so I thought it was worth putting it there to help out other bloggers. I’ve thought about writing a series of posts on why to blog, how to blog, tips on wordpress, etc, but I’d have to find time. 🙂 I’m hoping to get to it, over time.

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  3. Writer’s bog! What a clever play on words. Writing can be a complete drag sometimes. I am procrastinating about writing at the moment so I can identify with your feelings.

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      • Yep – I agree. The characters of the e-novel I wrote come to visit me when I’m doing mundane chores like washing the dishes. They are telling me more of their story and prodding me to write a sequel to that novel. I am procrastinating on starting though for writing is such an introverted activity – a complete commitment is required.

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