Roses for Noses


My nose misses roses
through long winter days,
but Trader Joe’s knows.
There, summers scents
come in cellophane.
Green can be seen
even mid-blizzard,
snow caked to my boots,
hats, gloves and scarf
bulging from pockets.
Centuries past, we
embroidered sachets with
blooms and stuffed them with
petals to get us through
long, cold nights.
Our modern world brings
summer any season,
a joy beyond reason.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy Easter to all celebrating! Springs rains are falling. My laptop is dying. But still I am dreaming of summer. This is my weekly love note to Poetry Friday. This week, it’s hosted thanks to Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe. She shares a poignant poem about an empty nest, hopeful of spring bringing back its maker.

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64 thoughts on “Roses for Noses

  1. Ode to the roses – how lovely this time of year!♥ Love your picture too, they look absolutely gorgeous!

    I hope you can get yourself sorted with a new laptop. Oh, these technical things, so annoying, they spoil your fun! 🙂

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  2. Funny how we both managed to have flowers for Easter, Brenda. ❤ Your poem was lovely with the photo was professional, glossy and dewy with the scent escaping from my cell phone. I liked the idea of even when we have snow crusted boots, we may find flowers in the grocery refrigerator.
    I liked pressing roses from corsages in the past. My Mom is a rose lover while there is a spicy tang to carnations no one fully imitates which prefer!

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  3. Commenting, late, it’s snowing again, but won’t be as much this time “they” say. Someone told me once that we’ve lost the ability to treasure some things because we have them all the time, like flowers and strawberries, etc. But this is the life we live, and I love that you treasure your roses, Brenda, and that Trader Joe’s fulfills your wish. I buy flowers every week at my store, am grateful for them all winter. Lovely poem of today!

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  4. What a sweet, winsome poem. I love the idea of old fashioned sachets getting us through the long days of winter. Thank you for this lovely bouquet of poetic fragrance today. 🙂

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  5. Thank you for a most fragrant insight: “Centuries past, we embroidered sachets with blooms and stuffed them with petals to get us through long, cold nights.” Never looked at sachets that way! God bless you for another beautiful look at what our noses enjoy, too, roses!

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