I am not what you think I am

Poets love words, but we love labels lots less. This video says why better than I could. Thanks to N.E. White for preferring love, like I do. To me, this sounded like performance poetry, so I offer the video as spoken poetry. If you’ve never been to a poetry slam, give it a try one day. It’s crazyfabulousbrave.

N. E. White

Great spoken word video:

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8 thoughts on “I am not what you think I am

    • I liked it so much, I felt bad for snark having been my first reaction. I was musing that maybe white men wouldn’t be so powerful if they were called pink men. Or maybe then pink would be the new white. Then I watched, and I was blown away. He’s so right. And such a powerful poet.

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      • That’s true, pink is not seen the same as white. But white skin is not really white at all, any more than black skin is truly black. It’s all tricks invented long ago to make certain ‘pink skinned’ people powerful – or so they like to believe. We’re all the same in the end – but how do we get rid of the black white thing when we are constantly being reminded to think like that? Big problem. :o/

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