Littles Dance

White, bell-like snowdrops

Form a circle like a tree grove,
lean to the right, lean to the left,
and wake to spring’s song!
Zip and zoom around the room;
feel your spirits bloom!
Back to where you started and
wiggle, push away old leaves,
and stretch like new trees.
Turn toward the center,
tilt your face up to the sun.
Shake, bounce, have some fun.
Climb hands up high
like green shoots growing.
Bend forward and
droop like snowbells,
cup your hands into petals.
Now, pop up like crocuses,
hold hands closed high,
then drop hands outwards,
like petals unfurling.
Spin three times and
form arms into a circle,
sway like daffodils —
doing the littles dance.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham


Notes: Here’s a spring dance to do with tiny friends to get your spring juices flowing. It’s a celebration of small things just starting to poke up colorful heads. I was delighted to find the first flowers already blooming this week, a month earlier than last year.

Thanks to Irene Latham at Live Your Poem for hosting this week’s Poetry Friday, a highlight of my week.

Poetry Friday with kids

I was inspired to write this poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s challenge to write a poem about Little Things on Today’s Little Ditty. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes has trained her Ditty spotlight on Amy in celebration of Amy’s new book, Every Day Birds, which is everything a young bird lover could want.