Marshmallow Child

Small snow man with carrot nose and backstretches stick arms, all dusted with new snow

Another snow day!
Kids rush out to play.
Jump, hop and slide,
roll, tunnel and hide.
In they come, solid white,
stamp, stomp, shake,
drip, drop, gloves flop,
shiny puddles inside.
Layers off, smiles wide.
Hot chocolate and soup,
tired eyelids droop.
But food and giggles revive.
They just need to take five.
Outside boys and girls go,
carrot above, sticks below,
forming something wild,
a marshmallow child.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Another snow day, another day of sledding, careening, snowbank reigning. Winter weather makes for fun. Hope you are warm and happy, wherever you may be.

59 thoughts on “Marshmallow Child

  1. My goodness, I think you just summed up my entire winter snow days of childhood in this poem!♥ Reminds me so much of those freezing fun filled winter holidays. Kind of feel like crying now – I miss those days – but in a good way! I love your snowman too, he’s extremely cute with his little stick arms and carrot nose – how lovely!! 🙂

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