lines entwined, aligned.
Squirrels use superhighways, and
information zips sideways.
Talk is the tendency when
winter’s in ascendancy.
Messages zing with arctic air.
Yet, summer’s there
in buds drowsing,
a promise of carousing
when summer’s scent
will rise from each branch, bent
from the memory of
winter’s icy love.
Seasons circle and dance,
hypnotic with romance.

Copyright 2016 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Are you finding the magic in the season? It’s harder in the winter doldrums, but keep your spirits up, the days are getting longer already! Cast your eyes on a Scottish stone circle formed from the earth’s oldest rock, and you’ll see winter romance, indeed, thanks to Seonaid at breathofgreenair.

44 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Wow, Brenda! I was blown away with thid dynamic interpretation of winter’s impressions. I have a rough draft with “Bare Bones” as a title. I think we “almost all” look at trees, black and stark against gray sky, and ponder how to make a poem about it. (It is in my rough drafts: boring!)
    But not you; no, you know how to make a gorgeous and interesting poem with interaction and communication going on!

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    • Thanks, Robin. I’m just like you. I stare at the bare trees, and think how mysterious they are, what it must be like to spend winter freezing and starving. Even bears get to hide from the bitter winds in a cave. Yet, they are so beautiful. I’ve always loved the dark branches against a sunset. And most of my poems start off boring, too short or too long. A word change here and there, tightening, shortening until it feels done. That’s 90 % of writing. Keep at it, Robin. If you are poet, you can’t do otherwise. Best, Brenda


  2. Wonderfully created poem, and now off to see that stone circle of which I am so fond 🙂 Have a good day where you are.. Here it is beginning to snow.. at last the temperatures are becoming more normal for this time of year.. It has confused a lot of nature which is bursting into bud way before it should..

    Enjoy the rest of your week.. 🙂
    Hugs Sue

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  3. i love your positive approach, and have also thought about the days getting longer already. i am enjoying the beauty of winter, though not so much the driving. i announce on a regular basis, to my carpool, ‘it is almost march!’ )

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