Trees and Memories

Golden and red leaves in sunshine

Here in the woods,
the light doesn’t quite shine.
In the deeper quiet, I
hear only the wind and
the laughter of leaves.
The sunshine is distant.
Here in the twilight,
I can think my thoughts,
without its brightness,
blinding my eyes.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is part of a longer poem. Is there a place where you can be yourself? Where you can be free, use your outdoor voice, sing or dance or remember?

32 thoughts on “Trees and Memories

  1. I go “next door” sit on a bench or in summer a towel on the ground. I like the university trees, labyrinth and there is a garden called Monnett garden. (Not spelled like Monet.)
    Brenda, your words show a lot behind them. In the twilight, indirect lower level of light it must be calm, you sense more with your ears and emotions with less stress on your eyes. I like going deep into the woods, rarely do this since I try to walk to places instead of driving. Once there, it is like the woods seep into my bones. I believe there is more in the tranquility filled with awe.

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  2. Very nice Brenda. Our walks in the woods have plenty of sunshine these days. I can still be alone, but I might not sing, given the distance my voice would carry in the cold air. I’d hate to wake a hibernating bear 🙂

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