Last Leaf

Hanging on,
don’t want to fall!
I’m good here,
up where I’m tall.

Last dogwood leaf hanging on one of three bare trees

I’ll stay till spring,
can’t get me down!
I’ll wave and nod
And be the crown.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This is for Poetry Friday, hosted this week thanks to Carol’s Corner!

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41 thoughts on “Last Leaf

    • I’m thankful for my iPhone, always ready to snap a picture. When I looked up and saw the last leaf, and I pointed to it, everyone ooh’ed and ah’ed, ankle deep in leaves. 🙂 I was the only one who pulled out my camera. But then, I’m the only crazy blogger I know in person. I’m thankful that many other people blog like me. I wish I knew more in person. XOXO


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    • True, some oak leaves stay until the new leaf pushes them free. I love your Coyote Moon. I tried to comment, but Blogspot hates me. Close

      Brenda Harsham said…
      I love that your poem has playful rhymes, even though you are talking about the scarier side of nature. I also love that it circles back around again to the moon. Aren’t those turkeys big? They look like sandbags when they fly out of a tree, and they sound like one, too, when they hit the ground. In case the comment didn’t make it to you, the gist was that I like the playful rhymes and the linking of the coyotes, the moon and the owls.


      • Thanks! I don’t know why Blogspot would treat you so unkindly! I don’t have any particular settings that would kick you out. No one has mentioned that UNLESS – one other person had trouble but they were clicking on “Sign out” instead of “Post”! Check that out and let me know. You can’t be anonymous.

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        • I put in my id and I was clicking publish, and it kept taking me a preview screen. Three or four times in a row. Then the same thing happened on Today’s Little Ditty, and I couldn’t answer even one of the very nice comments left on my poem. *Heaving a sigh* So I will be the mysterious non-responsive type. Some days blogspot lets me comment, but today was not one of them.


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