Willow’s Secret

Willow tree

Combing the willow’s hair
is a wind cold and autumnal.
It twines about soccer players,
and curls into secret places,
places lined with leaves and
cushioned with damp wishes.
Thoughts are birds
zigzagging in branches
alighting on bobbing twigs
in the willow’s bouncy house.
I remember tadpole wiggles,
looking for dangling legs
between the sunspots and
cherry blossoms dotting
the burbling brook.
In that thin suburban wood,
I found a tree too young to climb
and other places I couldn’t follow.
The willow’s house invited with
a knob of bark for a handhold,
a limb wide enough for a teacup.
Its leaves held all the stars
from sundown to sunup.
Now I follow my daughter there,
and the magic hasn’t gone.
Giggles, leaf mold, and secrets
crown the twilight willow world.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Happy Friday the 13th! So close to Halloween, the day has a spooky feel. It set me remembering once, when Friday the 13th fell on Halloween itself. Or am I inventing that? I love to invent things, after all. I hope your memories are playing fun games with you today, too. Hello to all from Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Wee Words for Wee Ones. Kids of all ages are welcome here. Have a magical weekend!

Poetry Friday with kids

22 thoughts on “Willow’s Secret

  1. Brenda, when I moved into that split level house with the hot pink door, we had a medium sized willow. I loved at grades 3 and 4 yo hide under these golden branches. I like how you called the blossoms “stars” and how you capture the way yhe wind is blowing and all it touches. I used to feel the soft branches’ warm whispers on my cheeks and in my ears, Brenda.

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  2. Love hearing about the willow’s leaves holding the stars, but those nearly final lines touched me, Brenda: “Now I follow my daughter there,/and the magic hasn’t gone.” We have returned to one tree for my own children, and now my granddaughters. It is a wonder to see, although not still in the family.

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  3. This is beautiful!!♥ That’s a lovely thought, returning to a favourite place of childhood with your own child, that must be very strange – in a nice way. I would have loved to have visited some of the places my parents played. Love your picture of the willow, haven’t seen one of those for many years. 🙂

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  4. We had a willow tree at our old house, but it never grew large enough to climb on it. I love the wind combing the willow’s hair and following each of the images throughout the poem. Lovely!

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