Raspberry August

raspberry bush and pint

dusty driveway
carts with awnings
rainbow of vegetables
and fruit —
pick your own —
rows of green brambles
leaning on string
spiderwebs glinting
lemony scent of crushed clover
delicate red berries
hidden under leaves
stems sagging low
ruby juice on fingertips
eaten on vanilla beanΒ ice cream
long for more
I miss you


Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Thanks to Andy, I’m adding a link to Daily Post — Happy Place. Serendipity is sweet as berries. I’m also adding a link to Poetry Friday, this week hosted by the lovely and talented Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at the Poem Farm.

Poetry Friday with kids

79 thoughts on “Raspberry August

  1. You can have August! I don’t miss it one bit! Maybe the fresh berries, but not the oppressive heat and humidity. Bring on the frost! Bring on the snow! My wool sweaters and down coats are ready to go!


  2. Oh, I am so there. Thank you for the memory. First summer that I did not make jam, yet today, reading this poem…I kind of feel like I did. Thank you! Happy Poetry Friday, and may October delight you with its own bounties! xo

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  3. Hello, Brenda! I love this title, these words and these pictures so much! Brilliant! Thank you so much for visiting and following. I really appreciate it! Have a nice Sunday!

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  4. Extraordinary in the exquisitive-ness in the post, Brenda. It made my mouth salivate, my nose wish to smell both the fruity scent but the earthy fields of other plant life surrounding often those hidden raspberry treasures. Have two special places I go. . . Oh, I do miss August and the raspberries and cream delight!


  5. That’s so sweet. I became allergic to berries in 2011 – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I used to get rashes on the back and palms of my hands and they would itch. This year, at the Devon County Show, I risked some strawberries – thinking the rash would appear only on my hands, if I got a rash. The next day I went to work, all was fine. The night came and my lip swelled up like the Nutty Professor, it was horrid. Thank the lord my lip had almost gone back to normal by the morning when I woke up for work.

    I am nominating you for the Three Day Quote challenge.


    • Thanks for the nomination. I participated in that already, and probably can’t get organized for another round right now — shoulder pain still too intense. I put up three Shakespeare quotes from Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was fun. Sorry to hear about the rash/allergy. That sounds no fun.

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      • Hi Brenda, so sorry to hear about your pain. I am having trouble with getting around blogs with my limited time, it’s so lovely to still have your continued support, I really appreciate it. It’s hard to have time to blog. My 3rd day of Quote challenge was about 3 days ago, but I have had so much work to do and not been too well, that I had to get more sleep. I have been worked on more amendments for the printed version of my Break Through a The Barriers Of Redundancy book, again. This is the third month of amendments now and I have manuscripts adorning my flat. I had uploaded it, but CreateSpace said it had come out bigger than their template, even though that’s what I used, and I had to start over.

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