Sisters Sing Madrigals

Twin Pink Dahlias

young sisters, grow
sing madrigals to summer
dance all the day

turn toward the starlight
chins tucked into dreaming

wayward thistledown
spirals one way then the next
chased by bluejays

more voices join madrigals
sisters betwixt and between

too close, bash heads
dreams shaken by storm wind
madrigals fade

one summer lasts a lifetime
starlight lasts even longer

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This poem is arranged into three tankas. A madrigal is a either a medieval poem or a song without instruments in two or more parts. I like to think madrigals sung by flowers would be both poem and song. May your week be lightened by flower song.

40 thoughts on “Sisters Sing Madrigals

  1. Only you would hear the pics of madrigal singing sisters. You would make the cutest kids’ books, Brenda. I am amazed at how you do this, barely skipping a day for long periods of time. I should post my oldest daughter’s dahlias. They look like peppermints, a burgundy red and white or cream. They could be the suitors for your sisters. Hmmm. . . 🙂


  2. Love the poem – you mention madrigals – music from the days when we sat around the fire singing to entertain ourselves in the evenings!
    This sort of thing – sung in ‘Middle English’ although how they know how to pronounce it beats me!

    (hope this works)

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  3. Forgive me for not checking in for so long. Loads of projects at workplace make it almost impossible for one to move about freely even in their own free time. 😛
    But I have three days free plus the weekend, I am oblige to check on you and the others here.
    I do write from time to time, but most of the work were done in my Notebook. Just copy & paste it here.
    Hope all is well with you and I wish you a lovely, lovely Thursday, my dear! 😀


    • Thanks, Ron. It’s fun to write tankas. A challenge to not repeat too many words and to allow the stillness of a haiku yet progression in a tanka. I always strive, but I’m not sure I will ever master the form. XOXO


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