Forest Spirits

View of White Mountains

Forest spirits linger high and
wonder at the changing sky.
Sky blue interlaces with clouds
above summer mountains blue.
Below, dark gorges are punctuated
by sharp granite shoulders, themselves
overlaid by softening moss quilts.

Lost River Gorge

The still quiet is
broken by the first raindrop,
a mouse scurries for cover,
and the Lost River roars welcome.

Lost River

I lose my worries at the feet of granite giants,
feel them washed free by rain hunting
the Lost River, hidden deep underground.
Its voice emerges from caves,
behind glacial boulders and over waterfalls.
Even the forest spirits are silenced.

Paradise Falls, Lost River

That powerful roar
intrigues and captivates.
In the waterfall is the full fury.
What were my worries?
They pale beside river spirits,
kinfolk to the forest spirits.
The Lost River surges,
its voice amplified by
last night’s thundershowers
coupled with today’s sprinkles.
My spirit expands.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: These photographs were taken today at the Lost River Gorge. Over 1300 steps led into and around the gorge, taking us on a hide-and-seek journey exploring the Lost River and its many secret places.

35 thoughts on “Forest Spirits

  1. Brenda, your list of worries was so true and valid. But as we enter nature and take our small place among tall trees, our cares and worries “of the day” seem to melt away. This was a lovely post for days beginning and would bring comfort at days end.


    • Thanks, Robin. I have had such fun this summer. The kids and I have tramped through so many beautiful places. It’s a challenge to write poetry that doesn’t detract from the pictures. I’m glad I’ve succeeded, even if in small measure. XOXO


  2. This is so magical, so special…what beautiful pics and stunning words…this is a place of healing and of enabling spirit to reconnect with spirit! What a wonder-filled start to my day…I can hear the water’s fury and feel the spray. Wish I was there…thank you SO much. What a talented lady you are! This is food for the soul….. 🙂 x


  3. I love this poem! The image are great, but the poem resonates with my soul. I wish I was there! With your permission I’d like to add this poem to my ever growing collection of new poet’s work so I can re-read it.
    Until I started blogging and poking around at what others were writing about I didn’t really read new poets. I know. Dumb! I’m catching up now. 🙂


      • I was just going to copy it with your name and copyright and stick in my poetry folder on computer to re-read. Me poetry? I’ve tried off and on to write, but I’m not very articulate. I just never seem to be able to pull out the words to match my feelings so, I leave it to those that can and treasure those poems that strike a chord in my soul.
        I can just bookmark your blog page so you don’t have to worry about me having a copy of your poem on my computer. I’ll be able to find then.


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