Daisies Dear


No pruning,
No fertilizer,
No special care,
Still you bloom,
Wide open,
With smiling flair,
In field, meadow,
Roadside and
Daisies sing a
Daisy song,
A quiet fanfare.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham


Note: Woo-hoo to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team who fought long and hard against Columbia tonight! Congrats to Abby Wombach, a great Captain. She hails from Rochester, NY, where I (mostly) grew up. Yeah Carly Lloyd for scoring on the (second!) PK and then stepping up as Captain! FIFA — International soccer tournaments should not be played on turf!! 130 degrees on the field/pitch?! Shoes MELTING?? Seriously?

Also, hello to Poetry Friday friends! Thanks to Carol at Carol’s Corner for hosting this week.

Poetry Friday with kids

46 thoughts on “Daisies Dear

  1. Well, I’m going to have to go talk to the daisies in my garden as they haven’t bloomed yet. We planted them from seed and it may be that the zinnias are hogging the sunlight. I love daisies — DAISIES is my word for 2015. “You can’t pick daisies if you harvest crabgrass,” was my inspiration. Thanks for the reminder!


    • I haven’t had much luck growing flowers from seed. It may be that it takes them a year or two to get established before they will bloom. But once you have daisies blooming, they keep coming back. I’m trying to grow bee balm from seed this year, but not having much luck. Oh well. Maybe talking to them is the answer. 😉


  2. Between my black thumb and the hail and deluges in Denver this summer, my flowers are dying at an alarming rate. Your poem makes me want to run right out and buy some daisies. I’d love a little of that “smiling flair” in my yard.


  3. I like daisies in all their magic simplicity.
    You expressed so much in this poetic tribute to their joy and beauty.
    I did not know about heat on turf and melting shoes , Brenda. Glad you celebrated international soccer!


  4. How cute! So that’s how Daisies look like! oh um, even if I don’t know much about Soccer, congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer team! sounds like they really played well!


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