Flying Carpet


A yellow peony takes me
Flying through time
Back to another garden
Another day
In the hot sun
Hearing water trickle
From a waterwheel
Wanting to plunge into the river
Wanting shade
Wanting water
Wanting my mother.
At least I found shade.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Memories aren’t always cheerful. Sometimes they hurt. Have you ever had an X-ray guided cortisone shot? I had one in my shoulder today, and I’m the girl on fire. So in honor of my shoulder, and its temper tantrum, I watched Hunger Games. At least I’m not in danger of being eaten by wild dogs. Hope your weekend is wonderful. And this post is also my contribution to Poetry Friday, hosted this week at Buffy’s Blog.

46 thoughts on “Flying Carpet

  1. take care! sometimes the only way to forget our terrible pain is to remember those in whose shoes we will never like to walk in! there are always a handful, are not there? no matter how hellish our own pain is!


  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Being in constant pain is terrible. I do hope the shot helps. The can work, it’s kind of iffy…sometimes yes, sometimes no. Be well my friend. Lovely poem.


    • I’m still recovering from the pain of the shot itself. I read an article that suggests this was the right course of treatment. It seemed savage at the time, and the night afterwards was horrible. But if it makes the condition clear up without years of pain, it’ll be worth it. Fingers crossed.


  3. Pain and beauty often different sides of the same coin. Bittersweet memories. Thanks for tapping into your core to write this poignant poem.

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon. Sorry about the painful shot, too. Fingers crossed it ultimately brings relief.


  4. I love the poem very much. That shot sounds very painful! I hope you are taking care of yourself and resting. I have never had a shot like that, but my mother almost had one, but she declined. She preferred to wait it out, the pain I mean. But it took months! The hunger games is too scary for me to watch, but I have seen the fire-dress on adds. Take it easy Brenda and get lots of rest! 🙂 ❤ Lots of Love and big hugs to you! ❤


    • Suzanne Collins wrote a splendid dark story about the triumph of the human spirit. Sometimes a little darkness helps the light seem more bright and meaningful. I’m resting. Well, not really. But I plan to. 🙂 XOXO


  5. Ouch. I considered a cortisone injection for my shoulder but, fortunately, I didn’t really need it in the end. ( The end being after 9 months of pain!) Hope your shoulder improves. What aches we endure in life; in body, soul and mind. 😦


        • They came first certainly. I fell a few months ago, and my shoulders have been bothering me since. My right recovered, but my left just gets worse and I’ve been losing my range of motion. I’d like to work with it until it’s back to normal. We’ll see. I’m not convinced these shots really help. The ones in my spine didn’t.

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          • My back went first, then my shoulders. My back required surgery but my shoulders healed with time, only I still don’t have a full range of motion. But the pain has gone, and that is the greatest relief. Along the way, sports massage helped as did a wonderful feather mattress topper and a memory foam pillow. These conditions are hard-going. Hugs.


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