Purple Panoply (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purple)

Purple loosestrife and ducks on river

Purple Loosestrife on the river


Butterfly bush longing for a butterfly


Awash in Asters


Two-purple Irises


Deepest Purple Iris

Note: Cee has called for purple this week. Purple Prose is writing that is unnecessarily flowery or ornate. In honor of my purple post, I will write some purple poetry:

Amethyst petals embrace the bee,
stamen and stigma anoint him
with amber pollen.
The drunken bee flies
bringing back dusty manna of
lush lavender, iris,
loosestrife and pine tree,
into the humming hive
far up in the forest canopy.
Are his eyes still full of
wildflower fields and
purple panoply?
The drone
dances in the honeycomb,
gold dust into honey.
How does the tiny being do it?
What magic knows he
that none of us can see?

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

39 thoughts on “Purple Panoply (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Purple)

  1. What lovely flowers you post. You have a wonderful property to nurture such great beauties! My mother was a master gardener and spent her life in the back yard tending to her edible garden. Is that your passion, too?


  2. I love purple…. I use to tell my students that I was the purple crayon in a box filled with yellows.. I was explaining the differences in people and how to embrace those differences. Life is boring if we’re all alike, but I do love purple… flowers especially. Nice writing as well. 😀


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