Raspberry Tulips

duchesses abloom
raspberry silk smiles
radiant, dancing

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Here’s a haiku in honor of the UK’s new Duchess of Cambridge and to celebrate May flowers. My son’s foot is healing, and he is proud that the grass seed he planted on Earth Day has sprouted already. He may be in pain, but he has a green thumb. And a mom who watered the seeds. 😉 This haiku is also another Poetry Friday offering, hosted this week by Today’s Little Ditty.

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45 thoughts on “Duchesses

  1. Ah, I love those raspberry silk smiles! 😀 They really are very silky and shiny – stunning tulips! I hate to pick tulips because they never last very long in a vase, they are much better viewed in a garden! So glad to hear your sons foot is healing – wishing him a speedy recovery!♥


  2. Talking about absolutely gorgeous tulips! Such a sweet tribute to the new duchess baby and the pretty tulips. Raspberry radiance and I love the sheen on the flowers.


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