Fairy Squill

Blue bulb Glory-of-the-snow bloom

Salutations small Siberian Squill,
Rising from the icy dregs of a hill.
Bowing in breezes on a fairy mound,
Its still shadow doesn’t make any sound.
After Lady Winter’s chill ermine shroud,
Its azure beauty makes me sing out loud.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This drooping blue beauty is Scilla siberica, one of the earliest blooming bulbs. I apologize for not having time to comment on posts this week. My van is in the shop, my middle child is on crutches, my novel deadline is looming and I’m nowhere near done. My kids will soon be on spring break. If only I had more time, or more brains or more hands. Something. Meanwhile, at least there’s magic! Hope you have a great week! Warmly, Brenda

27 thoughts on “Fairy Squill

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  2. One of my favorite flowers!!!! And you obviously are in a different zone than we are!!! Glad things are blooming and you are writing about flowers again!!! Yay!!!


  3. Lovely Poem Brenda,, and Hope your middle child is on the mend.. along with your Van.. And I am sure your book will all fall into place.. Sending thoughts your way as take a deep breath 🙂
    Love and Blessings..
    Sue x


  4. I also wished to extend a hope for son, who may need to be held down by duct tape, I know they will be so active, no matter what. Sorry about his accident, though. I missed you!


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