Remembering Leaves

Golden Maple leaves

With puddles and ice
Lining sidewalks and streets,
I remember leaves.

First, the tease of buds.

Then the unfurling of
New leaves, palest green,
Sidewalks awash in bud casings.

Leaves as backdrop to the blooming of
Dogwoods, tulip magnolias, pink cherries,
White pear and apple,
Mauve plum and citrine cassia.
Clouds of petals float to the grass.

A few weeks of sunshine bring
A vast volume of vivacious greens,
Every shade from darkest fir
To emerald maple to dark purple beech.

Every bush from azalea to myrtle
Has its own shade, and I want them all.
A swaying sea of green, a lush verdant
World comes alive for me until

I remember October.
The color crescendo,
The forest fortissimo,
When leaves undress, revealing
Vivid lingerie, from amber to
Ruby, olive to russet.

Remembering them leaves me blue,
A bare tree in winter’s cold.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Bare Branches at Blue Dusk

30 thoughts on “Remembering Leaves

  1. Wow, I could almost feel the breeze in my ears and the sound of leaves swaying and green and sunshine – you transported me there! And then a sadness at the end. That works so well – excellent Brenda!! 🙂


  2. OH gosh me too! However the last 2 days have been in the 60s yay! I love your poem and today finally I felt the warmer temps and was not heavy with the glum weather! Yay for that! I know that snow will melt and soon Spring and your beautiful trees will be back! yay for that! 😀


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