Calla Curl

Pink Flower

Calla curl,
Silky swirl.
Snow may hide
New England’s color,
But trucked-in treasure
Startles and entrances,
My heart dances —
A wild whirl.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham


On the poem: This is a concrete or shape poem, meant in this case to take the shape of a calla lily.

On the weather: We’ve had one day of sunshine, with temperatures above freezing. Old Man Winter is not gone, but at least he’s growing sleepy. The Calla Lilies are from Trader Joe’s, where the floral section is a summer garden. Here is a picture better reflecting what it still looks like outdoors here:

Snowy Branches

Poetry Friday Badge


On Poetry Friday: super-late this week, but life gets in the way at times. Thanks to Robyn Campbell, Kids Author and Poet, for hosting!

39 thoughts on “Calla Curl

  1. Hello hello hello thank you for posting this and sending me a link! I love it so so much! Pink Brenda this is some kind of heaven I’m telling you during this long Winter brought! Wow I shall reblog this! MMღღ Love to you precious friend! MMღღ


  2. I know I really haven’t much to complain about weather wise as you have had more snow…. but I am so looking forward to spring. I was able to take both grands out for a walk around the block before the rain came. Tucker ’em out. Both were napping at about the same time which is as rare as that beautiful lily!

    Cheers, Jules


  3. Love your poem…and the pics of a snowy winter! If I could, I’d bottle up some of this 80 degree sunshiny day and toss it over to you in exchange for a bit of snowy fir.


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