Wordless Wednesday – Haunted

Here is another place to trick-or-treat this Scary Halloween!! Wooo-ooo-oo! I hope you enjoy Morgan’s eye for the Haunting! Be spooky and be safe! Warmly, Brenda


Haunted woods


samhain by wyldraven


_IMG_3238spooky (1)




All Original Artwork found at Deviantart.com. Credit is Acknowledged to the Amazing Original Artists.

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Halloween Ballet

Orange Japanese Maple leaves

Autumn fairy ballet:
Ballerinas dip and spin,
Wings extend lightly and
Long costumes twirl.
A feast for the eyes:
Fall glows in shades of
Butternut squash and pumpkin,
With touches of berry and apple.
The wind lifts the dancers
Into allegro cabrioles, then
Holds another in a graceful arabesque.
The Fae Corps de Ballet
Performs every day.

Happy Halloween! Be spooky and be safe!

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham