Butterflies Wanted


Butterflies wanted,
Butterflies sadly missed.
Long blooms languish,
For want of their friends.
One swallowtail came, all alone.
Two cabbage butterflies danced and played,
But where have the Monarchs gone?
I remember them from my youth.
Now my youth is gone and so are the Monarchs.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

46 thoughts on “Butterflies Wanted

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  2. My university has an annual butterfly show that starts next month – basically a lush greenhouse filled with butterflies. Planning to take my girls. I shall study up to see what’s there!


  3. The butterflies are disappearing! 😦 I still see one or two occasionally. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Monarch butterfly even when I was a child, only in books. Maybe England isn’t warm enough for them?


  4. The Monarchs are declining, lots of web articles about the reasons. I grow a Monarch farm, a simply gorgeous Passion Flower vine. Is it warm year round where you are Brenda? If not, start one in a HUGE pot with a trellis and love it, feed it and it will do the rest. Bring it in, even to a porch, anytime it is going to go below freezing. Mine was about 6 inches when I planted it and it grew up over the house and covered an entire outside wall on my porch. It blossoms madly and I am surrounded by butterflies! Monarchs plus a few other species, bright yellow, zebra striped and tiny white ones. Plus, beautiful dragon flies and cute little frogs and geckos that live underneath.
    Out front, I have a plant that was new to me, a Dutchman’s Pipe. Brown and orange caterpillars cover it a few times a year and then I have huge butterflies, Goldrim Swallowtails. They don’t eat leaves, they suck the sap from the vines and they devoured the plant the first year. I had a few leaves and tiny vines left. I watered, feed and loved what was left, and next spring it came back ten times bigger and this year the orange and brown caterpillars were more polite. They fed on the plant without devouring the entire thing. Butterflies are smart!
    I feel like my flowers are Michelle’s flowers because they talk to her, and Belinda’s cause they make her smile, so you can share my butterflies! They love Michelle and Belinda too!
    Here is a link to my butterflies!

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  5. Butterflies butterflies come out come out where ever you are. I saw one yesterday but it didn’t stop by my house where my flowers are waiting as well! πŸ™‚ I love this can I reblog it on PINK? I’ve been PINKing again on my vacation! πŸ˜€


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