Witchy Flowers Three

Yellow Echinacea

Wonderful witchy flowers
Vivid visions
Spread smiles
Sing in sunshine
Fascinate fairies
Enchant elves
Bewitch bees
Weaken my knees
Even the sky weeps
With longing

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

41 thoughts on “Witchy Flowers Three

  1. That was lovely -‘Even the sky weeps with longing’ – what a really beautiful phrase!! They are very YELLOW! Such a sunny flower indeed, I’m sure no fairy could pass them without stopping to admire! πŸ˜€


      • I am grateful you can see it, Brenda! The yellow is so radiant! I am going to get a mum for my table, trying to decide between the burgundy or the other colors available. Hope you have a lovely weekend, it shall be cool for the first 5 days of the Delaware County Fair. I was sad that they did not get a contract with Marshall Tucker band, but will be checking out our ‘local’ Beach Boys, Phil Dirt and the Dozers on the last day of the fair, September 20th, next Saturday evening. Take care!


  2. Lucky you to still have some flowers – most around here have turned to seed heads – and the oak trees behind the house have started throwing handfuls of acorns at us whenever we go out there – it is still warm enough to sit out if there is some sun. Would you believe we have actually had the heating on a couple of times already? Super pictures (and I like the haiku about the tomatoes) to bring back memories of a fast fading summer!


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