Flower for a Friend

Rose of Sharon

Friends are like flowers.
They bloom, and they inspire.
They make the world beautiful.
We never forget.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I dedicate this post to the memory of Ajaytao. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He was a bright light in our world, and his spirit continues to brighten our memories. He was a good friend to me, welcoming me here, and I will miss him. I feel blessed to have shared the world with him. Namaste, Brenda

76 thoughts on “Flower for a Friend

    • Yes, he was. I’m sad this comment was lost in spam, but luckily I took the time to scan nearly 150 spams to find this. We will have to be there for each other, in the way he was there for us, following his star with such sure steps.


  1. When he got sick, I got worried, and I am so glad I left him a little ‘love’ and prayers for him, while he was alive. I had hoped he would make it longer in this world, we were all blessed by knowing him and his sharing his thoughts with us. I was honored a few times with his giving me awards. He was so generous… I am so glad you gave this tribute to him, Brenda. Thanks for this one. Warmly, Robin


  2. I do remember Ajaytao a little bit, we visited each others blogs occasionally, he was always such a cheerful soul! That’s really sad he’s gone, I guess he will be missed a lot. And that’s a lovely tribute, and if I remember right, he loved flowers and poetry. This is quite new to me, the passing of people I know from WordPress, I have a blog friend who I know some time back who was having a lot health problems and indicated something quite serious may be going on with her. She hasn’t posted for three months now, and I’m wondering if she is still here. It’s not something I gave any thought to when I set the blog up, but these friendships often turn out to be more important than the purpose of the blog, which I guess it should really, it is after all about life and people. 🙂


  3. Please extend my sympathy to Ajay’s family. It is true that many of us feel like we become an extended family here on the net – often forgetting that ‘real life’ exists. May Ajay’s memories be for blessings.

    Thank you for sharing this ‘flower’ ~ Jules


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  5. You have written very nice! I am also praying for him! He is also one of my best friend I have made here since one month of blogging!

    Swetank (from Being Bettr) 🙂


  6. A beautiful tribute to your friend – sorry to hear of his passing and your loss.

    Your poem reminds me of a song we use to sing in the Children’s Choir at church about how Friends are like flowers. There was a line “Are you a Daisy? Are you a Rose? Are you a Dandelion? You can be what you are; I’ll be what I am; and we will be friends in the garden of life.” Never forgot the comparison.

    Blessings – Louise


  7. My prayers to Ajaytao, may he rest in peace and to his family, may God soothes their pain, he’s part of my wordpress blog, I’ll never forget him, I once call him Sir on one of his comment, but he preferred to be called by his name, since we are all the same. Thank you Ajaytao for shedding light on us. You will be missed. ~ Nodz


  8. Perfect choice, the Rose of Sharon, I have this one, and Diana (solid white ) blooming today….
    Thank you for your thoughts Brenda….they make me smile as I am pretty sure he is too…
    Now I am off for the night….Have a wonderful peace-filled night….
    Take Care…You Matter…


  9. Brenda, I was awaiting your post. Thank you again for letting me know. I’m a little too sick just now to do anything, but may I re-blog this? It is a beautiful tribute and I have no words of my own currently.


  10. Ajay was a beautiful brother to many of us…his spirit is priceless and his friendship will be greatly missed. Thanks for what you have shared Brenda…he loved his flowers and he sure was one who radiantly blossomed everyday!


  11. i got the same feeling from his last post, he loved blogging, and the connections he had made here, and we felt the same about him. this is a lovely tribute to him, along with the flower he would love so much. rip ajay, you will be missed by so many –


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