Silvery Sea Foam

Silver Sea Foam

Wet sand between my toes,
My feet sink lower with each wave.
Toes wiggling, soon I’m ankle deep,
Losing my balance and entranced by
Silvery sea foam, cresting the waves and
Soaking my rolled up jeans.
I laugh with each cold shock.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

23 thoughts on “Silvery Sea Foam

  1. I can imagine that, the sea is always a lot colder than we think! 🙂 And depends where you are as well I guess. You sound like you had a fun time! I went to the one of the beaches near me a few days ago, oh perfect sunny/breezy hot day, slightly crisped on the skin now! I didn’t get to dip my feet in the sea though, doesn’t really attract me to do that now, I think I’m turning into one of those old ladies that will sit in a deckchair and be happy to stare at the sea for hours. I used to wonder as a child why they did that, never dawned on me they might just ‘want’ to sit and stare at the view! Beaches were for sandcastles and splashing in the sea!!! But I’m quite happy to look at the view with my ice-cream in my hand! 😉


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