fae ballet

Our lovely Wordifull Melanie has give us a real treat in her Fae Ballet. I hope you enjoy it, and your imagination does some pirouettes and high kicks. Have a magical, musical day!! Warmly, Brenda


have you seen the fae ballet?

it promises to delight

I hear they dance most evenings

with watercolored sprites

be sure to get there early 

and please do save a seat

you get the tickets,

I’ll bring the treats!

pixies playing clarinet

set the tone just right

faerie dancers pirouette

as day turns into night

casting shadow silhouettes

in the softly fading light

~Melanie Blackwell

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8 thoughts on “fae ballet

  1. This was so nice of you, Brenda, to feature this lovely Fae Ballet. I am sure I will be visiting her as often as I can, to enjoy her pictures that she builds in my mind with her painted words, fairies and musical touches. You have a generous spirit, Brenda, allowing others to ‘shine’ on your blog! Smiles, Robin


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