Pink Flowers

Sisters, hearts of joy, click of belonging made,
When together, united and unafraid,
Thoughts blooming,
Possibilities looming,
Memories of sharing and love never fade.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Dedicated to my sister, who was taken away from me far too long ago. I miss her every day. And to all my newer sisters, may our sisterhood forever bloom!!

56 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. That’s so lovely Brenda!♥ And memories of sharing and love never do fade. and I love the (Thoughts blooming,
    Possibilities looming) I get that with my brother and also my close friend. Connections like that are irreplaceable! 🙂


      • Brenda! I did not know! OH! You are now in my prayers! I KNOW what back pain does, for I live with chronic pain. I have tears in my eyes. Oh, please get better soon!!!! Love, Amy


          • Also, I tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a big glass of water really works. I take it and the difference is phenomenal!! It brings inflammation down. xx Amy


            • I read about it. And I tried it. And, Brenda, it honestly works. I see a difference in my hands and I just started using it again. I stopped using it for a while, not really thinking it ws doing anything. I was wrong. Even my knees and back are feeling better. Now every day, I am taking this, just chugging it down. Yep, it works!!! Love, Amy


            • Wow, cool. My doc gave me anti-inflammatory pills that are chock full of lemon, ginger and turmeric. My back is feeling better, knock wood. I’ll try the cider vinegar trick tomorrow. Hope you stay well! Brenda


            • Oh, Brenda, wise doc you have there! Yes ginger and turmeric both are excellent for inflammtion. I’ve not tried lemon. I’m sticking with the apple cider vinegar … the ginger upsets my stomach. I am SO happy for you that your back is feeling better!!! OH FOR THE JOY!!! ((HUGS))) Amy


    • Aquileana, I’m not always good with abbreviations. Do you mean I made you think during breakfast? I hope that’s a good thing, if so! LOL Come to think of it, I never had breakfast, so maybe breakfast is just on my mind. Hugs, Brenda


  2. So sorry about your sister Brenda… have such a wonderful way of connecting that I think you and she must be working together 🙂
    She’s still with you, and the rest of us….through you 🙂


  3. Being an only child, my first experience of sisterhood came from those girlfriends with whom I’ve shared a deep connect. Memories never fade indeed… 🙂

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