The Faerie & The Writer

Here is a magical post from Richard Ankers, a very talented writer and poet. I love his crystal carriages and capes of clover, his words stir the imagination and involve all the senses. Have a magical end to the week, Brenda

Richard M. Ankers

Across the stars
Across the void
O’er mountains high
Through oceans deep
In crystal carriages
Drawn by the wind
Capes of clover and lavender essence
Streaming in their wake
They slip into existence
And into dreams
Circling imagination
Dismounting into unreality
Sweeping bows, their entrance
And smiles of moonbeams
They are myth, legend
And arrived
Such beauty
Such majesty
Such dark grace
You dare not open tired eyes
Afraid of consequence and disappointment
But I dare
For I know they’ll still be here

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4 thoughts on “The Faerie & The Writer

  1. Richard’s writing never cease to amaze me or transport me – whether to another place or thought or feeling. His talent and heart is a gift to behold. Hummmm – I suppose I must go visit him and tell him this as well. (He is such a likable guy;)


  2. Brenda, this is what I shared with Richard

    Richard, I come to you via Brenda and her reblog of your work. I truly loved the artwork, and found the words worked for me and stirred my emotions. Being new to poetry, having my emotions stirred I am sure is your goal. You were quite successful. Take care, Bill


    • Connecting on an emotional level with another soul is certainly one of the main goals of any writing. What a wonderful comment. I really enjoyed your Treasure Box story!! I just finished it. I think you were lucky the unopened box only had moonshine! Ah, the innocence of youth. LOL


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