4 thoughts on “The Faerie & The Writer

  1. Richard’s writing never cease to amaze me or transport me – whether to another place or thought or feeling. His talent and heart is a gift to behold. Hummmm – I suppose I must go visit him and tell him this as well. (He is such a likable guy;)


  2. Brenda, this is what I shared with Richard

    Richard, I come to you via Brenda and her reblog of your work. I truly loved the artwork, and found the words worked for me and stirred my emotions. Being new to poetry, having my emotions stirred I am sure is your goal. You were quite successful. Take care, Bill


    • Connecting on an emotional level with another soul is certainly one of the main goals of any writing. What a wonderful comment. I really enjoyed your Treasure Box story!! I just finished it. I think you were lucky the unopened box only had moonshine! Ah, the innocence of youth. LOL


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