Bright White Hope

White Iris

A favorite flower, an offering for hope, for joy…

Go USA!! I’ll be watching the World Cup this evening!
No offense to the Portugese, who have a beautiful country that I long to visit, but my fingers are crossed for the USA!!!

Edit — Argh!! Robbed of a win in the extra time. Why 5 minutes of extra time?!

11 thoughts on “Bright White Hope

  1. Brenda, Soccer is pretty much like hockey to me, I don’t get it. As for the 5 minutes, the ref get to add time to play if he feels there has been to much bs going on in the game, to pass time without actually playing. But please don’t trust a word I say, cause I really don’t know. Take care, Bill


  2. watching now, and could go either way, sure looks hot there, so i’m drinking a cool glass of white wine while cheering for usa! must be good luck charm, usa just scored )))


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