Heart of Hearts

Summer is an herbalist and ethnobotanist, and a peace lover of fairies and forests. I hope you enjoy her whimsy here. Warmly, Brenda


Some of us have Hearts inside of us, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand some have Hearts outside of us. I am a peculiar one, I was born with a beautiful large heart inside, and stamped on the outside near my chest area, God stamped me with a second Heart, a Red Heart Birthmark!

Why and wherefore these marvelous, these beautiful happenings? I’ve always pondered.

In my pondering, in Outside Heart so Large, so Big, and so Magnificent, I have been found playing and conversing with the Winged Fairies today. For the Fairies need to rest their busy wings here and there, and clutch a home polished Moonstone to take a sip of pure, cool water.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This allows them the little rest needed before playing and mixing more pollen, kissing the herbs, the plants of Heart Garden.

It is always lovely to give little Winged Beings a place to hide, rest, eat and drink, put…

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2 thoughts on “Heart of Hearts

    • Hi Bill, Summer is pretty terrific, she sent me delicious chai and little gifts. I’m so happy you went to visit her. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about plants. Take care, Brenda


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