Clarity Pyramid: FAE

Cherry blooms, clouds


Winged joy in child’s heart
Connected to nature
Hides in imagination

“For to have faith is to have wings.”

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The quote is from Peter Pan, by J. M. Barrie. This was inspired by Paint the World with Words, hey, Amreen, I hope you are feeling better soon!! (She apparently had a bad week or two.) A Clarity Pyramid is a poetic form with so many rules that I decided not to write one, right before one popped into my head in that mysterious way ideas have. I’ll set out the rules: 7 lines, increasing in syllable count, 1/2/3 then 5/6/7 culminating in an 8 syllable quotation. The title should be the one syllable line, bold and in all caps, and then the rest of the poem describes or elucidates the title.

35 thoughts on “Clarity Pyramid: FAE

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        • Oh, you are lovely!! I so needed to hear that, I just got back revisions on my books’ first page, and even though they are useful and wonderful and mostly positive comments, still, the others feel like wounds. Whew, being a writer is not for the faint of heart!! I must go back to the beginning where she liked my setting and characters! 🙂 It’s worth the effort, so keep going, my friend! Hugs, Brenda


          • Hugs right back 🙂 I know what you mean about words being able to wound us. Our work is personal and we love it, so it’s bound to cut deep. But you’re right, though writing is not easy, it’s worthwhile and you have talent. So celebrate that, and do what you need to do to enable you to share it with the world 🙂


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  4. Nice work. What a strange poetic form though – I can see why you got inspired by it. I’m finding myself figuring out a poem as I write this comment. 🙂


  5. There is so much that hides in our imagination. I love the last line ‘For to have faith is to have wings’ is that a quote? Faith in whatever we choose definitely gives the inner spirit a lift! 🙂


  6. I truly never knew there were so many different types of poetry verse… I am being enlightened slot but surely!


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