May Queen

Tulip magnolia

Sad May Queen and her court,
Drenched, washed by rain,
Cold droplets cascade off,
Heavy heads rise when
The torrent ceases, blue sky
Teases, clouds chase the wind.

Then state visits commence,
Foreign dignitaries hasten toward
The still glistening, but elegant
Tulip Magnolia Queen.
Bees kiss her hands, aquiver,
Trembling to touch her perfume.

A sensitive courtier
Drips tears onto the lawn.
Pink petals fall and
Lay like lotus blooms
On a glassy pond, quiet
Except for water dripping.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

31 thoughts on “May Queen

  1. Love the poem, however had to comment on the magnolia. .. It’s breathtaking! No winter issues there.


  2. How beautiful Brenda….
    I felt as if I was travelling in a sort of magical trip…
    I truly admire the way you have mastered the poetic images by linking them to natural realms.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂


    • I thought a pink queen was a good way to celebrate May Day. And thanks to you, I have a lot of pink left to share! I was surprised so many pink pictures came out well. Red flowers are often over saturated, but my camera likes pink. 🙂


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