Silver Naiad Reflections

Birch by River Bend

Silver Birch,
Forever dancing,
Wet roots deep, holding fast,
Trunk curved
Toward the far bank,
Always gazing across the way.

Silver Naiad,
Still and thoughtful,
Wet feet, connected to earth,
Body curved
Toward the water,
Gazing always toward Olympus.

Note: This poem is dedicated to Line, a magical being, eyes ever upward, wings brushing our cheeks with joy.

34 thoughts on “Silver Naiad Reflections

  1. Very well written Brenda . I loved the last three verses of the last stanza, particularly that you mentioned the Olympus.
    A mystical poem, indeed ….
    Hugs to you, Aquileana 😀


    • My hubby and I were out on a date. We get a babysitter to stay with the kids about once a month. We had divine Chinese food. I’m partial to orange beef, hot and spicy. Then we walked along the river as the sun set. It was cold, and no decent color in the sky, but the trees were magnificent in bloom. This was taken Friday last week.


      • I did! I so love it! A lot! I’ve already reblogged it and text JM who reblogged it on thinkingpink! We have a surprise for you too! JM just told me! I can’t wait for you to see it! 😀


        • I’m going thru my comments, one by one, getting there like an inchworm. LOL I had to work this evening on a big project with my middle boy, and it took forever. Deep sigh from toes. 🙂 I have to say, we rocked it.


          • OMG I rocked class projects! I miss them actually but I know what you mean it’s hard to get a A these days MOM right? I used to say to Alex, what did we get! 🙂 But you know it taught her how to research and come up with some fantastic topics. She blew everyone away when she got to nursing school. I hope your middle boy does well. It’s hard doing homework all night. Wait till they pass you up, that’s the oddest feeling. Well yours might not pass you but Alex sure did me. 😀


            • I would be very pleased if they pass me up. The little dears. I always feel proud when they get an A and I know I helped. He’s still too young for letter grades, though. But the teachers write nice things on the papers. LOL I take my praise where I can get it! LOL We are so similar! My grandmother was a nurse.


  2. Oh, Brenda!! I was just sitting here wondering what a ping was, when this extraordinarily beautiful poem came into my inbox!!! 🙂 It is so loving, and wonderful, and sweet and heavenly!! 🙂 And I feel so very touched! My heart is bubbling and dancing and hopping and skipping around in joy!! 🙂 I will print this poem and paste it into my special Angel Book. That is a book where I keep record of all the Angel meetings I have had, and what these Angels have said to me (I mean Earth Angels), and so when I am feeling a little bit alone then I take the book out and read it 🙂 I carry that book with me everywhere at all times 🙂 It is my biggest treasure! 🙂 So now you will be “published” or featured in my very own Angel Book!!! 🙂 🙂 (and so will your gorgeous photo) So Congratulations! You are a published Angel Author! 🙂 Hihi! 🙂


    • I am indeed honored. Wow! I couldn’t ask for more than that, my lovely friend. I feel a bit teary actually, you are so sweet. You are an Earth Angel, too. Hugs, Brenda


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