Ditty on Pink

Pink Tulips

When your spirits start to sink,
Don’t over-think, drink in pink.

Begin to revive; continue to thrive:
Beauty multiplies love times five.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: This post is dedicated to MichelleMarie, who with Jeanne Marie, started thinkingpinkx2, which has been brightening up my reader. Michelle Marie speaks pink. Jeanne Marie says: “Pink is our retreat from the daily battles of life without giving up.” 🙂 Stop by there for some Pink Therapy, and you won’t be sorry!

Fanciful Fritillary

I heard fairy music in this poem. I hope you like it! Lavender Moon Girl uses magic in her words. And that flower! Gorgeous! I’ve never seen one like it. Happy Spring! Brenda

Lavender Moon: Artist, Poet and Lover of Nature

 Fanciful Fritillary

Fanciful Fritillary
Smiles through bonnet,
Seated playing her Lyre,
Sweetly lilting a sonnet.
Swaying in glittering rays,
Fairy messengers
Sing songs of praise.
Tingling, mingling,
The hazy day’s
Healing ways:
Fairies linger
Stroking Fritillaries

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Our Connections

I love the way this poem makes me feel, right through. I feel happier, energized and more creative. I hope you feel that way, too! Peace, Brenda

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes when I
look at the sky
I see the ocean
connected by air
sun and moon
star fish waving
to sister stars
clouds dipping to
caress white tops
then I know
without putting
into words
just know
such bliss

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Silver Naiad Reflections

Birch by River Bend

Silver Birch,
Forever dancing,
Wet roots deep, holding fast,
Trunk curved
Toward the far bank,
Always gazing across the way.

Silver Naiad,
Still and thoughtful,
Wet feet, connected to earth,
Body curved
Toward the water,
Gazing always toward Olympus.

Note: This poem is dedicated to Line, a magical being, eyes ever upward, wings brushing our cheeks with joy.

Cat Sith – April 28, 2014 – Quatrain Fairy Poem

Here is a great poem about the Cat Sith, a magical creature rarely seen. Hope you enjoy Georgia’s delightful writing. Warmly, Brenda

Bastet and Sekhmet's Library

Alfred Emile-Léopold Stevens - Belgian painter and author. "Allegory of the night" Alfred Emile-Léopold Stevens – Belgian painter and author.
“Allegory of the night”

Fearsome feline of Celtic lores
Stalker of the Scottish moors …
She walks alone in darkest night,
On blackest fur glowing patch of white.

Her eyes are lamps that mesmerize.
Walk on moonlit nights, you might realize …
‘Tis she’s hunting there among the crags,
What you thought, just bits of shadowy rags.

Nine times she changes into a lass
When she wants to walk in daylit grass,
Among mankind in bright soft silks,
Aseducing the lads in their tartan kilts.

She is the Cat Sith, a fairy sure!
Though some think she is not so pure,
For her fur’s the color of sable black
And for her curious changling knack.

Inspired by the very informative post written by Flossie Benton Rogers entitled Mythic Monday: Cat Sith.

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