Full Bloom Tanka


crocus embracing,
offering nectar to bees
tickling, tiny feet

petals dancing with laughter
honey blossoms with flavor

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

NoteTanka is defined in Oak Leak Tanka. Please feel free to add your haiku or tanka here, if you are moved to join in. 🙂 In the past, Japanese poets would alternative haiku (3 lines, 5/7/5 syllables) with two 7/7 lines, playing off each other’s work. It’s fun, if you want to try. 

38 thoughts on “Full Bloom Tanka

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  2. I can write tankas!! No where near as effortlessly as this but still. . . LOL beautiful creative writing, lovely picture of the crocuses 🙂 x


  3. I’m learning all these flower names I never even knew existed… This is good… I love the way Haikus sound. I’m still trying to get it right, but the explanation with the syllables help… Lovely use of words… Nice weekend, Lor


    • Many people feel the syllable count is more of a maximum than an exact count, but others adhere to the strict number. I feel like flexibility is good. 🙂 Have a magical weekend! Brenda


  4. This is beautiful! I really enjoy writing Tankas. For some reason, I’ve been writing Reverse Tankas lately. Although, I’m not sure if that is even a poetry form! lol


          • Oh, cool!!!! Tomorrow I plan on returning to get more pics. I may even go IN the Botanical Gardens (a photographer’s paradise) because when I peeked it, all I saw was COLOR all over! Everything is blooming! There are SO many people though, so when using my tripod it is going to take some thought. xx Amy


            • My blog is job number 2, Brenda. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear. My real life and my blog life I work at between 14-16 hours a day. And this weekend, I am taking off. Period. I am writing a small post this evening, telling ALL I am off the weekend. This is not the usual for me, so I do NOT wish to come back with hundreds of comments to attend to. (groan!) So I am alerting everyone and pleading with them, HOLD the comments until Monday when I come back. I kid you not. Hundreds per day I comment. Not only on my blog but on others. I need a rest. AND one of my cats was very ill this week. I will be writing that in my post. You can catch it there. (smile) Whew!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


            • “From out of the mouths of babes comes Truth”. Oh how true!!! I have SO much LOVE in my life, Brenda. With on exception. I think you know hubs is a Vietnam vet. As he gets older, he sinks more and more into fear and pushes Love away. As his wife, I am watching him self-destruct, and that, Brenda, is extremely hard. To have an outlet for all the Love that I do have, is a Gift, and I thank God every day for this place called bloggersville. (smile)

              Thank you for the Love and the beauty you bring into this world. It is SO needed. (((HUGS))) Amy


            • My dad is a Vietnam vet, but fortunately, he is open to love, and a loving person himself. Carrying all that pain is not easy. He needs you even as he pushes you away. Hugs!! Brenda


  5. Brenda, th at is the birth of spring flower, I loved it when we lived in Northern Virginia, and the Crocrus would sometimes stick their blooms out thru the snow. That warmed your heart and really made you ready for spring, Take care, Bill


    • Yes, the early markers are so dear to my heart. The crocuses, the canada geese arriving, and soon, the forsythia will flame up. So lovely, the early spring, when even the squish of mud is music after the ice melts. 🙂


  6. I just love this Brenda! I also posted a few flower poems a couple of days ago, I think we are all in the spring mood! 🙂 Your poem is so fairy-sweet-tip-toe-feet, merrylicious!! I can just see those flower petals dancing with laughter! That made me smile and laugh in delight! Thank you wonderful Fairy-Brenda! 🙂 oh, and I frog-ot, no I mean forgot, I love the photo as well!!


    • I love your fairy poems, and thanks for coming by and giving me a nudge. I am woefully tired and slow from an illness I had, but I am trying to get back in my stride. Also my hubby is out of the country which is never easy, because he is very involved with the kids. Anyway, that is just life, and this is art, love and magic, and who doesn’t want to spend time with that!?!? LOL Hugs, Brenda


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