Butterfly Beatitudes #10

Pat gives us a taste of summer in our cold, New England spring, with her Butterfly song. Hope you have a moment to visit her, if you don’t know Source of Inspiration. Thanks, Pat, for all you do to bring beauty into our lives. I’m dreaming summer breezes tonight. Warmly, Brenda

Source of Inspiration

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Dreaming in Cherry Blossoms


Rain patters on the roof,
While the cardinal calls:
“Birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie.”
My eyes drift closed, heavy
With disappointment at the cold,
Wet spring and the absent sun.


Azaleas flame in raspberry bursts.
The weeping cherry cries amber tears
Of swollen pollen from pale pink blossoms,
Sunshine heats the wet sidewalk,
And it breathes steamy sighs.
A mist curls up toward the blossoms.


In my dream, my two arms multiply,
Turning to wings, to feathers, to thin limbs:
To an infant, a new weeping cherry.
My long arms tremble in air currents.
The cardinal lands on my highest shoulder
Calling “Birdie, birdie,” red crest proud.


I hear again the sound of the rain,
My dry roots yearn toward the nectar
Shared by clouds, whispering of oceans.
I awake stretching my legs,
Moving freely, but stiff and cold;
Blossoms, an afterimage, on my closed eyes.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: Inspired by Michelle Marie, who was longing to see cherry blossoms.
These photographs are from last spring.

Fairy Tale Clerihew

Shadows of Grass

The first of Three Little Pigs
distained using twigs
and built from straw.
Big Bad Wolf laughed when he saw.

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Inspired by Paint the World with Words weekly poetry prompt, a Clerihew, which is a 4-line rhyming poem, aabb, generally about a famous person introduced in the first line. Here are two famous Clerihew by the originator of the form, Edmund Clerihew Bentley:

Said Sir Christopher Wren
 I`m having lunch with some men,
If anyone calls,
Say I`m designing St Paul`s.

The digestion of Milton
Was unequal to Stilton.
He was only feeling so-so,
When he wrote Il Penseroso.