Fae Flash Fiction: Silka


Silka dreamed of spring, her inner eye seeing sunny days burgeoning with flowers. She could not quite bring them into focus. She donned her favorite dress, her flower jewels, and picked up her fairy dust. Bravely, she zipped outside.

Spring had not arrived. After the dim fairy bower, her eyes watered in the sunlight. After she rubbed them, she saw thousands of snow crystals glinting like jewels in a dusting of fresh powder. She admired tunnels dug into deep snow banks.


She shivered. The cold made her feel tired. She saw messages from the universe.


Ice heart

“Even in winter, if you look for them, you find messages of love,” she smiled to herself. She waved goodbye to the cold, another week of dreaming and dozing sounded ideal. She retreated into her fairy bower, where flowers thrived in the warmth of her magic. She settled onto her bed of rose petals, ate a honey and nectar bon bon and settled down to await spring, closing her violet eyes.

Click for Free Coloring Page of Silka the Fairy

Click for Free Coloring Page of Silka the Fairy

Copyright Brenda Davis Harsham