Blogoversary Cake



We finally got around to celebrating my one year blogoversary with cake tonight as suggested by a WordPress friend. As requested, here is a photograph of our cake, a cinnamon streusel cake. My children and I managed to devour a whole loaf pan of it in under 20 minutes. Don’t report us to the nutrition police. I’m sure the cinnamon will be good for controlling our blood sugar. The discerning among you will notice that one of my talented children managed to flick some of the streusel into my milk. Two points!

I asked my second son to make a nice arrangement of the candle, the plates, and the cake, I would be taking pictures, and this is what he came up with:



Not bad. Unfortunately, he put out five candles, planning we should celebrate my daughter’s birthday instead of my blogoversary. 🙂 (I don’t think any of us will be quitting our day jobs to become food photographers.)

Hope you all have happy tummies tonight!

Hugs, Brenda