The Best Evening Look


A look that never goes out of style: the classic sunset.
Each tree takes her time dressing,
Wrapping herself in an ermine stole for a winter fete,
Mother Nature extends each a blessing.

“Your roots will run deep my dear,”
She blesses the elders, “no fear of Jack Frost for you.”
“And you, my brave little ones, you have no reason to fear,”
She consoles the saplings, “tomorrow the skies will be clear.”

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Style Icon.

36 thoughts on “The Best Evening Look

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  2. The words illustrate the beauty in the photograph. I love the pinkish (almost cotton candy look) sunset! Mother Nature, sure is elegant with her ermine wrapped around her, loving her ‘babes in the woods,’ too!


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  5. Absolutely lovely poem!!For me your poem, fairy tale haiku and pictures are inspiring and comforting, you succed in passing the comfort in nature so it really feels like it’s meant for each of us. And after reading this post – it feels a bit easier and a bit less alone, to go out in the dark morning, put my self in the traffic jam and go to the office.


    • We are part of the universe, and the universe is part of us. The beauty of nature fills me with awe regularly. Just the wealth of tiny crystal stars that drift down on a snowy night is like a miracle of careless beauty. I’m so happy that my work gives you comfort. It does the same for me. Peace and Joy, Brenda


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