-20° F (Senryū Poem)

Leave it to Eva to find the happy magic in all this cold and ice we are enduring in New England! Thanks for this image and the wonderful poem. Yum!! I want some hot chocolate after braving the container store! The after-holiday-packing-up blues commence. Cheers and Stay Warm, Brenda

17 thoughts on “-20° F (Senryū Poem)

  1. Oh, I am so sad thinking of you having to pack up the Christmas things and yes, it is kind of a ‘blues’ time! I hope you found some great buys at the Container store! I usually get mine at the more discounted places, but am down to only one tub for Christmas, 2 for Easter and one for Halloween/Autumn. I decided to follow my friend, Jenny’s suit and decorate this past Christmas with mostly snowmen. I did put away my crèche scene and my little angels. The Christmas tree I chose at a craft sale my first year in my apt. has birds’ nests, bird houses and little bells. I decided it is okay to leave it up until after Valentine’s Day! Then, I will pull out green stuff for St. Patrick’s Day, (no tub, just stuck in drawers!) I missed our chats, but I am leaving for a midweek dinner date… Take care, Robin


    • I did manage not to spend all my money at the container store (always a risk). I don’t think my things need to be wrapped in silk or moire or whatnot, but I did get some larger cardboard dividers so that I could get rid of the large number of smaller boxes. That way I could decorate and take down quicker. That was the theory, but reorganizing seemed to take forever. I have lots of glass and feather birds, too, and I got a case for those, and it fits inside one of the two tubs. We have a jumble of ornaments including a cat in high heels and a glitter purple elephant. It’s a whimsical tree, and I really like my ornaments, so I enjoy looking at them. Sad to put them away, but more fun when I take them out again next time… Have a great time on you dinner-date!! Woo-hoo! Warmly, Brenda


  2. We had Spanish Chocolate (thick and hot) last night to celebrate Reyes (the Epiphany), but the temps are reasonable in the Albuquerque area. It was 10º F at our house this morning and it’s currently sunny and 35º F. The hot chocolate looks great, but -20º F with blowing snow is way too cold for me.


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