A great rhyming fairy delight! Just in time for friendlyfairytale’s midwinter festival!! Woo-hoo! Everyone stay warm and light your lights, even if only your inner light! 🙂 Brenda



(For Halley)

This animal faerie appeals

Wearing her orange peel high heels…

Her swim suit attire

Awaits the transpire

Of swimming with otters and eels.

Her skirt is a fine autumn leaf

With her swimsuit and herself beneath…

She greets a new dawn

By waking a fawn,

Her time before daylight is brief.

Like water faeries off a pond,

This animal faerie’s beyond…

The sight of adults

Who prefer the pulse

Of things to which they can respond.

Stay in faerie worlds while you’re able,

Before you lose interest in “fable”…

There may come a time

To hear other rhyme,

With new interests spread on your table!

—Uncle Jonathan Caswell

(I keep the faeries in my heart…so should you!)

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