Care to Dance?


Released from my anchor, skittering adrift,
Where the wind takes me, I stop and listen.
A kneeling player, skilled fingers quicken on the drum.
Mallets hit a marimba in six eight time.
Two instrument emit an intertwining wave creation.

I cannot keep still with so much magical precise pounding,
Finding echoes in my inner dreamscape, awakening.
Impulse to dance hits me, no defense needed.
Arms outstretched, fists clenched,
Toes pointed, tap, tapping in rhythm.

Mind’s a whirl, I’m breathing, spinning.
Dancing jig time, whole mind, to music faster.
Invisible whisperings from resonating strings within
My body is limber and loose, infinite sinews singing.
No distance now between me and the music.

Whisperings, soundings, plumbing depths of movement.
No longer carried by the wind, instead every part moving to sing.
Movement become music and music movement.

This was my first Sunday Whirl, done rather late, but better late than never! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

17 thoughts on “Care to Dance?

  1. What a wonderful lyrical poem….
    and I really like the photograph….
    you always make me smile and feel magick…Thank you for just being you
    Take care…You Matter…


    • I saw that piece of grass skittering along the sidewalk, and I felt a kinship to it. I wanted to write about it, and I’m glad I found a way to. ๐Ÿ™‚ As usual, thanks for commenting, I really appreciate your words, Maryrose. Warmly, Brenda


      • I was wandering this morning outside in the woods, I saw leaves dangling from silken threads and though or your dancing grass…the leaves were doing the most wonderful spiral dance….silence sometimes has the music to dance by….
        Have a great Sunday Brenda….
        Take Care…You Matter…


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