For Caregivers on Halloween: Grandmother Tree


Young maples trees blossom with hectic autumn color
Where they shelter under the high arching limbs
Of the deep-rooted grandmother tree.

Lovely, steady grandmother tree, slow to change,
Thick bark insulates and shields her from the cold,
Only showing golden and claret touches high up.

One by one, her bright leaves sigh and let go,
Lightly drifting down to caress her young for a moment.
Finally on the earth, their leaves mingle and embrace.

This Halloween, be like the grandmother tree.
Gather the rain, slow the wind, your roots entwined.
Let your children bloom and thrive, safe in your care.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

16 thoughts on “For Caregivers on Halloween: Grandmother Tree

  1. I like this poem and its deep meaning, such a lovely tribute to caretakers, aunts, uncles, mothers, dads and grandparents, of course! I love the way it sounds when read aloud, I whispered the words like a prayer or chant! The older leaves falling to kiss her younger ones, such a wonderful image! Happy Halloween, my friend, Brenda!


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