A Dragon Named Paul

A wonderful, light-hearted rhyming poem about a dragon by PookyH. I hope you enjoy it! Have a great weekend! Brenda

Pooky's Poems

In a faraway land where the sea meets the sky,
And the hills are marshmallows and the rocks are alive,
Live a colony of dragons – the regular sort –
With fire-breathing bellies, who eat children for sport.

They fill children with fear, and animals too
(When there’s no girls for dinner, a puppy will do).
Their breath is appalling, their manners atrocious,
Breeding fear and loathing is their only true focus.

Except for one dragon who’s not scary at all,
A mild-mannered dragon the others call Paul.
He’s not big nor ferocious, in fact he’s quite sweet
(Once you get used to the pong of his feet).

He doesn’t eat children for breakfast or lunch
He doesn’t like dinner with knee bones to crunch.
The others all think he is rather peculiar
Except for his true dragon love, Jumpy Julia
(Who unlike her dragon friends, simply can’t fly,

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