Sprite Spite

A new Adventurous Fairy Tale, named Sprite Spite, is now available to read. An excerpt follows:

Sprite Spite


Wings swiftly beating, Amadou dodged saplings and swung wide around old soul trees, the wind pulling his curly, brown hair straight back. He felt the tree spirits slumbering in the cool midday, their leaves turning golden shades of autumn.

Amadou had been unfurling fiddlehead ferns all morning, and he needed to blow off steam. He was looking for a wide ledge of fungus, just the right height above the ferns. He could see it in his mind’s eye. That day, rain had created the perfect conditions. Diving sprites give a tremendous scream, arch their backs gracefully, wings folded. Then they take a running jump from the fungus ledge, falling through the thick, damp air, eventually bouncing from fern to fern and water slalom skiing in the dew on their tiny feet.

To continue reading, click on Sprite Spite.

Used with permission of acuriousgal

Used with permission of acuriousgal

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Some photographs used with kind permission of acuriousgal, a very talented photographer.

4 thoughts on “Sprite Spite

    • Well, I should really have said fiddlehead fern, which is a young fern frond before it uncurls. Some pick them and eat them, but left alone, they unravel into a regular fern frond. I like calling them fiddle ferns, because my son is a fiddler. 🙂


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