Goodnight, Children


Sleep, gentle daughter of the moon and stars.

Dream, son of the infinite spaces and the wide universe.

You are stardust and enchantment.


Your quick, sleeping breath is sweet as an angel’s wings,

Your heavy, warm weight anchors me on earth.

Today’s journey is done, and now we can renew.

Goodnight, magical beings of daylight and joy.

Goodnight, children.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Dedicated to the Tigress, who inspires, delights and astonishes.

37 thoughts on “Goodnight, Children

  1. I take so many pictures of my grandchildren and wish I had more of a picture budget while my own children were little. I make up for it now! The sleeping babes and your sweet, creative words were a great mix to read and cheer me up this a.m.!


    • Digital photography has really changed how amateurs like me use photography. I really love it, and would never have tried to use pictures prior to digital, it was too heart-breaking to wait for a print and have it be not what I saw with my imagination when I took the picture. It’s less disappointing somehow, when I can just upload each day and look at hundreds. One of them is bound to be good. πŸ™‚


  2. you sprinkle such magickal stardust mixed with faerie dust
    sure to night of enchanting dreams…!
    Take care You Matter…
    Wonderful Brenda….


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