Where the Cello Sounds Divine

In Upper Falls, sings the lower octave, under the violin.
Children start lessons tightly furled


The arm loosens, the bow swings, and the petals begin to unfurl.


The sun shines and the music brings the bees close.


Young heads droop, looking down at fingers on strings.


The light comes on, the cello sings like the angels,
Stroked awake by the firm touch of the rosined horsehair.


Lovely chords, soft harmonies, burst from hidden blooms.
In the morning, practice calls forth the full bloom
And birds sing and take wing.


If I could spend all my time in the wind, sighing in the air
Where the cello sounds divine, I would never be sad again.

Copyright 2013 Brenda Davis Harsham

Dedicated to Debbie Thompson, cello teacher extraordinaire, for all she adds to our lives.

45 thoughts on “Where the Cello Sounds Divine

  1. thank U for visiting LW (5wise.wordpress.com) and better yet…for the introduction to your amazing writing world at friendlyfairytales! πŸ™‚ Following!!


  2. Cello, an instrument of Divine source!
    (my favorite)
    Beautiful photos that whispered such flowing energy for us/me to feel…
    Thank you for being You Brenda…
    take Care…


  3. Oh, such a wonderful way to weave the magic of playing stringed instruments and the unfurling of petals and flowers, too! I like the way you did this and such a special tribute to your children’s teacher, too! I liked her garden. As always, a peaceful and positive experience visiting with you, Brenda!


    • Thanks! I’m so happy you came for a visit. Usually I write stories, but this summer, while my kids are home, the poetry seems to be flowing. πŸ™‚ May you have a magical day! Brenda


        • Don’t we all? I feel saturated and inundated with images of violence and sex. I want a respite, a balm and a tonic for all that adrenaline-poisoned pleasure. Just a magical place, where people really see each other and talk.


    • Thank you! I thought it was about time I wrote about kids and music, since I spend so much of my time involved with both. We visited my middle’s son’s teacher today so the boys could practice for my upcoming third ever video. (Small woo-hoo) I hope to record them on Thursday, and have the video out on Friday, but that might be optimistic. And my son’s teacher was simply fabulous. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! My son has such a terrific teacher, and all those pictures were taken today in her garden. It’s a happy place. We feel very lucky. Thanks for commenting, you are terrific, Imelda! Warmly, Brenda


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