uPoets Show It: “Too Big for My Past” by Brenda

Drum roll please, my first off-blog publication of a poem for many years! Woo-hoo, doing a happy dance, thanks wePoets Show It!! I hope you will check it out. If you like poetry, wePoets Show It is a great community. With affection, Brenda

Picture for Brendas poem - Too Big for my pastMish mash molten mess,
Sprinkler left too long,
Dirt has pooled, run in rivulets,

Rocks are slippery, toes wet,
cucumbers hang long from the obelisk
and tomatoes sag in cages.

The lantern was taller in the spring,
Looks much shorter now,
Like when a child returns as an adult.

My elementary school ceiling looked like
A vast cavern and teachers like giants.
We played duck duck goose on the grass.

Twenty of us fit under the tree,
Now the shade barely covered me.
The swings hang empty in the summer sun.

My old school ceiling was only head height
My teachers were shorter than me,
And the principal was not a scary troll after all.

Duck, duck, only a goose hits her head on a doorway.
Did I become a giant, outgrowing my past?
I felt out of place, I didn’t fit there anymore.

Where did the magic go? Back…

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6 thoughts on “uPoets Show It: “Too Big for My Past” by Brenda

  1. This is so cool! I am not sure how I have missed coming here, but I have been trying to work my ten hour days, hitting the library and posting first. Then, reading which is always my favorite part and then time flies, when you are having fun! I liked this because I could picture all the ways the water sogging the garden and its outcome too.


  2. That is so awesome! Congratulations on your off-blog publication. Here is to many many more. I love how there is a melancholic strain in that poem. Love it! And what a killer title. Amazing!


    • Thanks! I hadn’t noticed the melancholy until you mentioned it, but now that you do… Yes, I see it. I suppose I do mourn a bit as the gray comes flooding into my red hair. I wouldn’t trade a day away, though. 🙂


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